Reviving Brilliance

Hafele Headquarters

Transcending Transparency

The Vision

Our vision for the Hafele Headquarters project was about more than restoring the building's aesthetics. It was about preserving the essence of transparency and brilliance that defines Hafele. We aimed to breathe new life into every panel, creating an exterior that mirrors Hafele's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Before Renovation

Prior to the refurbishment, the glass panels and windows of Hafele Headquarters showed signs of wear and aging. The building’s once-pristine exterior needed attention to restore its original luster and vibrancy.


Corporate Headquarters

At Aden One, we took on the responsibility of preserving the integrity of Hafele Headquarters by embarking on a comprehensive glass panel maintenance and refurbishment project. Our team’s expertise ensured that every panel and window was carefully restored to its former glory, contributing to the timeless beauty of this iconic structure.


After Renovation

After the meticulous refurbishment, Hafele Headquarters now stands as a beacon of transparency and elegance. Every glass panel has been revitalized, reflecting Hafele’s unwavering dedication to quality and aesthetics. The building exterior has regained its brilliance, leaving a lasting impression.

Glass Restoration Technology

We employed advanced glass restoration techniques that involve minimal waste and reduce the need for complete glass replacement, thus contributing to sustainability.

Clean Energy Utilization

Driving Green Initiatives: Committed to environmental stewardship, our station harnesses clean and renewable energy sources, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. By choosing our facility, users actively contribute to a greener future.

Seamless Connectivity

Connecting EV Enthusiasts: Part of a growing network, our station offers seamless connectivity for EV owners. Whether you're a local or a traveler passing through Ayer Keroh, you can count on a reliable charging experience.

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