House at Ampang Jaya

Expanding Horizons

The Vision

Our vision for the New Floor Construction at Ampang Jaya was to elevate living spaces to new heights. It extended beyond traditional home design, aiming to create an additional level that embodies luxury, comfort, and modern living. We envisioned a seamless integration of the new floor with the existing structure, offering an elevated perspective of life.

Before Renovation

Before embarking on the new floor construction, the residence at Ampang Jaya had untapped vertical potential. The need for additional space and the desire for a unique living experience led to the decision to build a new floor.


Home Extension

At Aden One, we took on the challenge of constructing a new floor at Ampang Jaya, focusing on creating an integrated living space that transcends conventional design boundaries. Our team’s expertise ensured that every aspect of the construction, from structural integrity to interior aesthetics, elevated the residence to new dimensions.


After Renovation

After the meticulous construction of the new floor, the house at Ampang Jaya now boasts an additional level that redefines the art of living. The newly added floor seamlessly blends with the existing structure, offering a fresh perspective on space, aesthetics, and functionality. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to creating homes that aspire to greater heights.

Energy-Efficient Design

The new floor was designed with energy efficiency in mind, incorporating insulation and natural ventilation to reduce energy consumption.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable and eco-friendly materials were used in the construction of the new floor, aligning with our commitment to eco-conscious design practices.

Vertical Space Utilization

The project optimized vertical space utilization, reducing the need for horizontal expansion and preserving the surrounding environment.

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