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Semi-D Renovation

Elevating Home Living

The Vision

Our vision for this project was to not only renovate but to reimagine and expand every facet of this home. It extended beyond the walls to encompass the full potential of the property. We aimed to create a harmonious blend of interior and exterior elements that redefine modern living while preserving the essence of comfort and convenience.

Before Renovation

Before embarking on the extensive renovation and extension project, this house faced several challenges, including outdated interiors, limited space, and a need for modernization. There was a desire to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the residence.


Home Renovation

At Aden One, we embraced the challenge of completely renovating and extending this house, focusing on creating an integrated living space that caters to contemporary living. Our team’s expertise ensured that every aspect of the renovation and extension, from space expansion to modernization, elevated the residence to new dimensions.


After Renovation

After meticulous planning and execution, the house now stands transformed, boasting a seamless fusion of renovated interiors and extended outdoor spaces. The balcony and kitchen sections have been expanded, the basement renovated with the addition of a lift, and both the interior and exterior have undergone a modern makeover. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to creating homes that evolve with their inhabitants.

Energy-Efficient Design

The project incorporated energy-efficient design principles, from lighting to insulation, to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainable materials were carefully chosen for furnishings and finishes, aligning with eco-conscious design practices.

Smart Home Integration

Smart home solutions were integrated into the design, allowing for efficient management of lighting, security, and energy usage.

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