Reimagining Home

House at PJ 51A

Reshaping Spaces

The Vision

Our vision for the PJ 51A House Reconstruction was to redefine the concept of 'home.' It extended beyond physical reconstruction; it was about creating a haven where every room narrated a story of comfort, functionality, and style. Our aim was to breathe new life into this residence, turning it into a sanctuary that resonates with modern living while preserving its essence.

Before Renovation

Before the reconstruction, the PJ 51A residence faced challenges related to layout, aesthetics, and functionality. It was a home with untapped potential, awaiting a transformation that could align it with contemporary lifestyles.



At Aden One, we undertook the task of reconstructing the PJ 51A house with the aim of reinventing the concept of home. Our team’s expertise ensured that every aspect of the reconstruction, from layout to design, enhanced the residence’s livability while preserving its timeless charm.


After Renovation

After the meticulous reconstruction, the PJ 51A residence has emerged as an epitome of modern living. The transformation has redefined every room, showcasing not only aesthetic appeal but also functionality and comfort. This residence now stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.


We installed energy-efficient appliances throughout the residence, reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainability.

Sustainable Materials

We used sustainable and recycled materials in the reconstruction process, aligning with eco-conscious design practices.

Smart Home Integration

We integrated smart home solutions, allowing for efficient energy management and reducing waste.

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